Facts That You Should To Know About Progressivism

It is the political doctrine which exalts the Supreme good of society progress. The immediate difficulty for its semantic understanding comes from the definition to be granted to the concept of progress.

Progress can be anything other than keep. Progressivism has precisely as ultimate goal to destroy what exists to build a new reality.

Progressivism is a form of fascism, a single and totalitarian, thinking that aims to convert citizens to their faith in the renunciation of everything established, for this way, build a new world, because live us there is too much injustice and misery, oppression, privileges.

The progressives are not Democrats, because they consider that there can be no other interpretation of democracy than they do. They abjuran of individual freedom, because they think that freedom is not required to establish a better world, moreover, the liberty has been the main argument that conservatives have used to build the world to suit. As Lenin became famous question: democracy, for what?, the progressives started questions, he: freedom, why?.

Progressivism does not speak of freedom, because you prefer to do it rights, but with a negative bias. The right to abort prevails over the right to life, the right to die freely prevails on the live freely. Progressivism, is in fact, materialism, an antihumanism, which believes that human beings are only important as a whole, as a society. This is ratified in the allocation of the adjective “social” or “collective” to all human essences in politics: social education, social justice, social health, social welfare, social policy, social reality, social struggle. Progressivism swallows up to humans to make a social juice with them, in this ideology, human beings are classified in a quantitative way, because they are considered as clones, quite the same. There is no place in the Progressivism for the difference.

The progressives have tuned the socialism, to disassociate itself from the failures of real socialism, derived from the strange interpretations that the statist have made Marxism. For progressives, there are the individual or the person, as there is no class; they based their prevalence on the collective patronage, doctrinal and sectarian, which supposedly have been excluded from power so far: feminism, homosexuality, environmentalism, pacifism, nationalism, alterglobalization, “aliancismo”, to represent the human drive in relation to their claims and interpretations.

Progressivism denostará tradition, the history, the existing situation, the established order, the laws in force, because it considers that they are a product of the hegemony of a conservative order that prevents the shift towards their utopia. The existing world today is a product of a privileged order unfairly, either by inheritance or achievement, finally and after the opportunities that have excluded the majority and who have favored those who departed in advance with advantage.

Progressivism, is hide the failures of Marxism, an attempt to save the stuff after the resounding wreck of the Soviet model in social and political organization, and of course, economic package. It is a regressive move, which aims to recreate the socialism, because it just does not support its decline and degeneration in a corrupt bureaucracy.

Finally, progressive values everything new, permanent modernity, artistic innovation, ideological relativism, the cult of the avant-garde, and the “iconization” of reality with new idols, replacing the previous. It is a movement exhibitionist, acting boldly, whereas power is an instrument to its service to organize the world in their favor.

Sin duda, utiliza todos los medios a su disposición para implantarse, desde los recursos públicos hasta los medios de comunicación a los que subvenciona, y en su fanatismo excluye la posibilidad de alternativa o sustitución por parte de otros. Who can govern the world better than we, the progressives?.
Progressivism is displaced by the transversality

They have not heard the Progressives of the short time remaining in power, because immediate information, free communication and free flowing in the network, will finish with them.

Mainstreaming is the opposite of progressivism, firstly because it represents the plurality that settles on the recognition of differences, exactly the opposite of thinking only of this pernicious ideology.

Transversality acts politically upside to progressivism, different positions should establish an agreement beneficial to all, not only a position must be set to what is good for all. In this sense they are antithetical. Why the transversality recognizes that democracy is a space conducive to agreement between different positions, while progressivism believes that democracy is a tool at the service of its claims.

From transversality, the individual human being takes effect, like freedom. The maximum principle of transversality, or the transversalism is not harming anyone, while from progressivism is for the benefit of the majority or of its clientele, but it is detrimental to everyone else.

Transverse relativism is positive, since it is considered that from different positions the reality is not in the same way, while progressivism believes that if reality is not as stated from their budgets, it is that others are blind.

The transversalism aspires to the mixture of the Assembly in the best possible alternative, while progressivism disowned from his segregacionismo of any exchange with who does not share their political objectives. Being cross is live in the present, without renouncing to the past, not the future. Be progressive is to live in a living, because there is no present, but a past that will not just RID and a future that doesn’t quite reach.

And this leads us to the exaltation of wastage that holds us progressivism in its nihilism, live today as if it were tomorrow. Unconsciously, since moral patterns established progressivism induce citizens to live as if they were sentenced to death without reprieve. The beyond is where you might be exceeding the limits, which cannot exceed the progressive exposure to reality, and see as in their stubbornness is imposed upon his induction to be changed.

The only problem we have in Spain is called progressivism, and is represented by parties of the left such as the PSOE and IU, and also by various nationalisms that parasites and are parasitized by the progressive parties; the only solution to the Progressivism is called mainstreaming, a movement that is both the Progressivism of the PSOE and the conservatism of the PP, is in reality far from all exclusively political options.
Transversalism, it is a new dialectic between citizens and their representatives political conceived on a permanent dialogue and not on the delegation of sovereignty of citizens in politicians. Power control should remain in citizens, and not remain cystic in the bosom of the political parties. We go directly towards a new social contract, in which citizens and politicians will again be equal, political corruption is eradicated, and important decisions will be assumed by all directly, not exclusively represented by politicians.

Universal suffrage, as well as political representation, will be overcome by participatory democracy. The needs of citizens are not determined rather than by themselves, and in politics they will not fit more than the best, the most capable, demonstrating his qualities to manage resources.

That is the test that comes to the citizens and politicians, citizens are prepared to overcome it, but there are very few politicians who will be saved from burning, a cantonal in power, lying, wasting the resources of all, and acting as a genuine feudal when in fact are prisoners of bondage to the sovereign decisions of citizens in Spain.

Progressive and conservative politicians do not know that the machinery of power has been underway, and this time, unlike in the previous, they are the only representation of absolutism to eradicate. Not only citizens have the right to vote, also have the right to veto, and the freedom to exercise it.


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